About me

I am currently working as a Full Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Groningen. My research considers entrepreneurship as a societal and economic function and not only an occupational choice. These entrepreneurial functions can be carried out by individuals, teams, and organizations of different size and age. My interests include the determinants and implications of entrepreneurial activity, the interrelation of innovation and entrepreneurship, collaborative R&D, and social innovation.

My work has been published in journals like Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management, Research Policy, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Small Business Economics, Journal of Regional Science, Regional Studies, and Journal of Business Research. Practitioner-oriented contributions have been published in the Maandblad voor Accountancy en Bedrijfseconomie and Economisch Statistische Berichten. I worked in several national and international research projects and regularly exchange my expertise with stakeholders of regional innovation systems by means of practitioner-oriented policy reports, publications, and workshops.